The Sanga to Panauti Community Hike

On a Sunday in late November, a throng of 40+ Nepali and international tourism-industry professionals undertook the new Sanga to Panauti Community Hike for the first time. This new ten kilometre route has been established by Royal Mountain Travel, and Travel Social Good (TSG+) as a way of bringing visitors to this under-trekked area just outside the Kathmandu Valley, and to provide the local Tamang communities with another source of income.

Back in September, I stayed at the Panauti Community Homestay, in the town about 40 kilometres from Kathmandu. One intention with this new Sanga to Panauti (or, in reverse, Panauti to Sanga) hike is to tie it in with the homestay initiative. Guests can spend the day hiking either way, and then spend the night at a homestay at the end of the day, or be picked up at Sanga for onward travel to Kathmandu.

I walked with a group of about 40 others, so progress was a little slow and the hike took all day (from 10am until about 4.30pm). But I think it could be done much faster if you were in a smaller group.

For more details on the Sanga to Panauti Community Hike, read my article about it on Inside Himalayas.